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MEYA Sports was founded and created for Qatar with a Vision, to custom many unique  sports as a way of promoting health and fitness with a flare of fun for the entire family.

Stamped as the first and only 100% fully Qatari owned sport-oriented brand in Qatar, which  focuses on quality.

MEYA Sports aid and support the Qatar Vision 2030. which  aims in the growth of sport  awareness, education, social  development, fitness and family  orientation.

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تحفيز الشباب وتحملهم للطموح


تحفيز طلابنا على الاختيار الأفضل

قدرة التحمل

بناء القدرة على التحمل لمواجهة أصعب التحديات


الشباب هم المستقبل


نطمح لهم أن يصبحوا  الفائزين في العالم.


To provide the highest level of sport and fitness  paying close focus to the youth and women, to follow in the footsteps of the Qatar vision 2030. Being unique in our activity choices and  services.

To become one of the leading elite sport brands  supported by the country, preparing, providing and training youngsters. Motivate better choices, build endurance to face the toughest  challenges, aspiring youth to become future leaders and  winners in the world. All while they wear MEYA Sports with  pride.

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